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My wife (Kate ) is the only son and was divorced from my mother ( Jean). My wife always wants to help with home repairs usual Jeans and decoration, etc. n ow Jean is 60, but a beautiful woman and probably for some go 50 - orsm the main orsm attraction, she is thin, bottle blonde and has a fantastic pair of tits. I never really believed, as is my mother, but I 've always thought that if my wife ends up looking like her, then I would not be 25 years or unhappy. Now, when I did some work on the roof that had to go to the local BQ, you can sort a few bits, Jean me, as she insisted on paying. We have collected some fragments of old, when he came to the car I noticed that her blouse exposed, but said nothing. I had returned a few days orsm later decided to work late and my wife stay at home. I came home with jeans, but no answer, so let me in and went to the kitchen to get water and put the kettle on. I could hear, mMovement and when I entered the hallway I could hear the shower with him. I do not know why, but I just had to crawl upsairs. Reaching the landing and could see the bathroom door was ajar. I walked slowly and had only a sillouette of a nude big tits Monther the law behind the shower wall. I just had a quick look and started down a semi- erection work to achieve. A few seconds later I heard her calling - ask me running tap water. I called but received no answer, went back up. On the landing, I called just greeted me and told me that I'm in the room. I entered a fantastic view My MIL was naked and shaved, ben lying in bed orsm lying on her clitoris with a rabbit in the back with legs apart and knees - and I was amazed. She looked me straight in the eye and said, and I liked what I saw in the car the other day and the rain just now ? I tried to apologize, but she said she just came up and maintainthis orsm by pointing out that the rabbit. Very nervous, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and held her on her clitoris. He closed his eyes and moaned the strongest orgasm I've heard. I had a look at my MIL gave me more cock moaning orsm for a long time I did it and before I knew she sat down and rubbed me pull my sweatpants. As soon as she grabbed my cock in my boxers, collapsed and began to suck. I must admit that my mind was in a turn and I took a few minutes before I shot very hard in the mouth. After getting my breath, I said I have to do to go and get on with it. It was more than 1 / 2 hour forward and said, while on the ladder would not return until much later to jail and I will see tomorrow. Now all he did was to re- draw of the chimney, so I took my time. My wife thanked his mother helped orsm me a lot when I got home and had to explain that it was over and I had to come back tomorrow. SMand the lady went to bed early and showered and was followed soon after - needeing a good rest and hope to repeat in the morning. I'll let you know how it happened tomorrow
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